Cummins KTA38

  • Cummins 3408326 Actuator
  • Cummins 3408326 Actuator
  • Cummins 3408326 Actuator
Cummins 3408326 ActuatorCummins 3408326 ActuatorCummins 3408326 Actuator

Cummins 3408326 Actuator

  • Name: Cummins 3408326 Actuator
  • P/N: 3408326
  • Application: Cummins fuel pump actuator
  • Quality: genuine first
  • Product description: Best quality 3408326 Cummins fuel pump actuator Woodward genuine in stock from China. Please email for pricing!

Best quality 3408326 Cummins fuel pump actuator Woodward genuine

Cummins the latest P/N: 3408326

Quality: Woodward genuine

Maker: Woodward  (Cummins authorized maker)

Supplier origin: China

Regular lead time:6work day from China after payment be received

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C1.3006540 3006540 Oil Cup
C1.3006543 3006543 Oil Cup
C1.3006545 3006545 Oil Cup
C1.3010511 3010511 Oil Cup
C1.3012535 3012535 Oil CupN
C1.3012536 3012536 Oil Cup
C1.3012537 3012537 Oil Cup
C1.3012538 3012538 Oil Cup
C1.3018813 3018813 Oil Cup
C1.3018814 3018814 Oil Cup
C1.3018861 3018861 Oil Cup
C1.3018862 3018862 Oil Cup
C1.3018863 3018863 Oil Cup
C1.3022154 3022154 Oil Cup
C.3069707 3069707 Barrel & Plunger
C.3069718 3069718 Barrel & Plunger
C.3070751 3070751 AFC BARREL(imported)
J.3074225 3074225 AFC BARREL(imported)
J.3075381 3075381 TAPPET,HYD VAR TIMING
J.3075383 3075383 TAPPET,HYD VAR TIMING
Z2.3076125 3076125 Barrel & Plunger
Z2.3076126 3076126 Barrel & Plunger
Z2.3076127 3076127 Barrel & Plunger
C.3077526 3077526 AFC BARREL
J.3077526 3077526 AFC BARREL(imported)
C.3077528 3077528 AFC BARREL
C2.3079945 3079945 Barrel & Plunger(N-STC)
C.3084892 3084892 AFC BARREL
C.3096079 3096079 Filter assy
Z3.3279602 3279602 Fuel pump AFC body
C.3279798 3279798 AFC assembly (imported plunger &barrel 3058944)
J.3408324 3408324 EFC actuator (3063504)
W.3408324 3408324 EFC actuator (MIC)
J.3408326 3408326 EFC actuator


Contact: Wigo

Phone: 19922967201

Tel: 19922967201


Add: No. 70-19, Banshan First Village, Zhongliangshan Street, Jiulongpo Dist, Chongqing city,China.

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