Jiangsu ENDA ED212-001 ED212-003 control panel for emergency generator control box repair

ED212-001 and ED212-003 control cards,also be called as diesel engine marine monitor control panel, are widely used for Cummins,Hyundai,Weichai or other brand generator control box repair.

What engineer(or user) regular requested is small control box includes:

1. ED212-001 control card with codes;

2. ED212-003 control card with codes;

3. Switching power supply model: E-15P;

With ribbons,wires,covers,etc,final assembled small control box as below:

It is pretty simple to install for engineer~just plug and play! No need change any wire connection.

For buyer to send an inquiry of small control box, please follow steps:

1. offer Engine name plate PHOTO for correct generator engine model and rated rpm : eg.:

2. offer Generator control box Name Plate PHOTO for ENDA model (as drawing or manual could be incorrect): eg.

Generator control model could be: ED212F-MY02D, ED212F-KC5, ED212Y-KC5, ED212HT41A,etc.

With above information we can price out right products accordingly.

Please note:

The Generator control box NAME PLATE located at side of the equipment: eg.

Where the Generator control box Name plate located

In case LED display card also wanted, please advise model to confirm, eg.:DISP-24

After replaced with our brand new small control box and LED display card, customer pleasant :

The control unit works well now.

Any needs please email to for a pricing,Thank you!



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