Cummins KTA38

  • Cummins 3408324 Actuator
  • Cummins 3408324 Actuator
  • Cummins 3408324 Actuator
  • Cummins 3408324 Actuator
  • Cummins 3408324 Actuator
Cummins 3408324 ActuatorCummins 3408324 ActuatorCummins 3408324 ActuatorCummins 3408324 ActuatorCummins 3408324 Actuator

Cummins 3408324 Actuator

  • Name: Cummins 3408324 Actuator genuine
  • P/N: 3408324
  • Application: Cummins fuel pump actuator
  • Quality: genuine first
  • Product description: Best price Cummins 3408324 Woodward Genuine actuator for diesel fuel pump in stock from China. USD525.0/PC for 1 piece.

3408324 Genuine Woodward actuator for cummins diesel fuel pump

Cummins the latest P/N: 3408324

Quality: Woodward genuine

Maker: Woodward  (Cummins authorized maker)

Supplier origin: China

Regular lead time:6work day from China after payment be received

More Cummins fuel pump accessories Available:

Z1.3054532 3054532 Barrel & Plunger
J.3054609 3054609 Solenoid Valve(imported)
W.3054609 3054609 Solenoid Valve(MIC)
J.3054610 3054610 Solenoid Valve(imported)
Z3.3058505 3058505 Fuel pump AFC body
C1.3058848 3058848 Barrel & Plunger
Z2.3058944 3058944 AFC BARREL
C.3059603 3059603 AFC BARREL
C.3069707 3069707 Barrel & Plunger
C.3069718 3069718 Barrel & Plunger
C.3070751 3070751 AFC BARREL(imported)
J.3074225 3074225 AFC BARREL(imported)
J.3075381 3075381 TAPPET,HYD VAR TIMING
J.3075383 3075383 TAPPET,HYD VAR TIMING
Z2.3076125 3076125 Barrel & Plunger
Z2.3076126 3076126 Barrel & Plunger
Z2.3076127 3076127 Barrel & Plunger
C.3077526 3077526 AFC BARREL
J.3077526 3077526 AFC BARREL(imported)
C.3077528 3077528 AFC BARREL
C2.3079945 3079945 Barrel & Plunger(N-STC)
C.3084892 3084892 AFC BARREL
C.3096079 3096079 Filter assy
Z3.3279602 3279602 Fuel pump AFC body
C.3279798 3279798

AFC assembly

(imported plunger &barrel 3058944)

J.3408324 3408324 EFC actuator (3063504)
W.3408324 3408324 EFC actuator (MIC)
J.3408326 3408326 EFC actuator
J.3408328 3408328 EFC actuator (3063510)
C.3419476 3419476 AFC plunger assembly
Z2.3627868 3627868 Barrel & Plunger(K)
C.3096857 3096857 Shutoff valve
C.3096859 3096859 Shutoff valve
C.3348327 3348327 Shutoff valve (large flow)
C.AR12110 AR12110 shock absorber assembly
C.AR12111 AR12111 shock absorber assembly
C.AR12112 AR12112 shock absorber assembly
C.AR2854 AR2854 Oil outlet joint assembly
C.AR3034 AR3034 Joystick assembly
C.AR3036 AR3036 Joystick assembly
C.AR40130 AR40130 Governor plunger
C.AR40230 AR40230 VSGovernor plunger
C.AR40240 AR40240 VSGovernor plunger
C.AR41010 AR41010 Throttle Shaft
C.AR41012 AR41012 Throttle Shaft
C.AR41013 AR41013 Throttle Shaft
C.AR41014 AR41014 Throttle Shaft
C.AR41070 AR41070 Throttle Shaft
C.AR41071 AR41071 Throttle Shaft
C.AR475 AR475 oil inlet joint assembly
C.AR476 AR476 oil inlet joint assembly
C.AR6573 AR6573 Joystick assembly
C.BM36360 BM36360 Oil outlet joint assembly (3030863)
C.BM73106 BM73106 VS joystick assembly
C.BM73108 BM73108 VS joystick assembly


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