Cummins QSK19

  • 3077760 K19 Cummins injectors
  • 3077760 K19 Cummins injectors
3077760 K19 Cummins injectors3077760 K19 Cummins injectors

3077760 K19 Cummins injectors

  • Name:3077760 K19 Cummins injectors
  • P/N: 3077760PX 3077715 3076703 3609849PX 3076132PX
  • Application: Cummins K19 engine
  • Quality: as genuine
  • Product description: Brand new KTA19 Cummins PT fuel injectors 3077760, 3077715 3076703 3609849PX 3076132PX for sale online from China Please email: for a pricing!

3077760 New and price good Cummins KTA19 PT fuel injectors 3077715 3076703 3609849PX 3076132PX for sale online 

Supercede P/N: 3077760PX  3077715 3076703 3609849PX 3076132PX

Supplier origin: China

Regular lead time:6work day from China after payment be received

3076125 barrel and plunger in video for 3077760 fuel injector:

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